Now that you've signed the Trans Inclusion Pledge, help us spread the word.

1. Download, share, and tag this image on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sign The Pledge - Full Pledge for FB.png


2. Download and print these printable versions of the pledge and display your commitment to trans inclusion in your office, waiting area, classroom, lobby, wherever your community will see it:
Printable B&W Pledge
Printable Color Pledge

3. Email your friends and colleagues a link to the pledge with a message like this: "I just signed the Trans Inclusion Pledge to affirm my commitment to welcome transgender people in public and private events. Trans and non-binary people are not my enemies, and I'm not threatened by their presence or identities. Will you join me in signing the Trans Inclusion Pledge?"

4. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@justconversations). Invite your friends to like Just Conversations on Facebook.

5. The next time you're invited to a public or private event that's for "women only" or "men only," ask the host or organizer if the event is trans inclusive. ("I see that this event is just for women. Are trans women welcome to attend? Would you be willing to state that explicitly on the invitation?")

6. When attending events focused on women, remember that transwomen are women.

7. Copy the image below and share on your website or in your email marketing.

Pledge banner for MailChimp.png